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An Amazing Picture of Selflessness

Items Needed: few pictures of memorable events (trip, birthday, holiday, etc.)

Show each picture of an important event and ask the kids to remember and tell what happened.

Just before Jesus died, He told His followers to remember His death on the cross by celebrating the Lord’s Supper/Communion. What an amazing picture of selflessness – Jesus loving us and giving up His life for us! Instead of remembering and treating His death as a very special event, they were dishonoring Him.

How can we honor and show our appreciation for Jesus’ selflessness to us? (loving Him, serving Him, obeying Him, worshipping Him, etc.)

What Is Selflessness?

Items Needed: two index cards or pieces of paper
Bag or basket to hold them

Write ‘selfish’ and ‘selfless’ on an index card. Ask kids to explain the meaning of each word. (‘Self’ is in both words – but selfless is means less of self and selfish means more of self and wanting one’s own way.)

Put both index cards in the bag. Think of different situations (or use some of the following) and ask two kids to pick a card from the bag. They will ‘demonstrate’ someone acting selfishly or selflessly.

  • Your mom asked you to donate some toys to a needy family
  • Your dad is working in the yard
  • Your sibling wants to play a game
  • Your best friend got the toy you wanted
  • Your neighbor fell and broke her arm

It is sometimes hard to act selflessly, but Jesus is our example.

A Perfect Example

Items Needed: sidewalk chalk

Review the Bible verse that elementary age students are learning – Ephesians 6:10.

Draw a hopscotch-type grid on the sidewalk. In each square, write a word from the verse. (You may need to write more than one word in each square, depending on how big you make your grid.) Take turns jumping the grid and saying the words of the verse as you hop on it.

Jesus gave us a great example of selflessness. He was thinking of us and not Himself when He came to earth and died on the cross. We can grow to be more like Jesus with God’s help.

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