What Does Eternal Mean?

Stretch a string or yarn across the room and tape it to opposite walls. Invite each family member to write their birth date on an index card (or piece of paper). Fold each in half and lay them on the string from oldest to youngest—parents included.

Each of has a beginning. Dad was born on _______; Mom was born on _____; etc. God is eternal (Deuteronomy 33:27).

What does eternal mean? (No beginning or no end)

God is eternal. He has always been and will always be. No one created Him; He existed before everything. Since God is eternal, His love will never end! When we believe in Him, we will live with Him forever.

No Expiration Date!

Send kids to the pantry (or refrigerator) to find the expiration dates on several foods.

Why is the item stamped with a date? What does it mean that something expires? (It is no longer suitable to eat.) Kids learned that God (His name, His words, His reign, and His love) will never end.

God is eternal! His goodness and love will never expire! Praise God!

A Special Guest


What would you do if God were to come to our house? What question would you like to ask Him?

Hopefully, we would treat Him with the greatest respect! We would listen carefully to His words; we would treat Him with great honor. Someone who could speak the stars into existence would be Someone who deserves to be worshiped.

Read Psalm 89:6-11 aloud. What do these verses tell us about God?

Worship begins when we focus on God—who He is, what He does. Worship is our response when we see God’s greatness.

What are some things we can say or do when we worship Him? (Listen to or sing a praise song; think about and say words of praise (God, You are wise, You are loving, etc); thank Him for the good things He gives us or does for us; admire His creation; write a note or poem to Him; read and think about His words in the Bible; say I love you to Him; etc.)

Choose one of the ways listed and worship God together.

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