Praise Him, Praise Him

Make instruments (maracas) to use in praise to God. Grab some leftover plastic Easter eggs. You will need one egg and two plastic spoons for each child. (If you want each family member to make a set of two, repeat with more eggs and spoons.)

Carefully add some uncooked rice, beans, popcorn kernels or whatever you have on hand to the egg (about half full) and close it, making sure it fits together well. Place tape around the area where the egg fits together to make it more secure. Then place a spoon on either side of the egg and hold them in place with more tape. (If will be easier if you pair up to do this—one can hold the spoons in place while the other wraps the tape around them.)

Crank up the praise music and invite the kids to sing/play along with their instruments—hopefully, it’s a joyful noise!

God Gives Good Gifts

After dinner, invite family members to leave the table, choose one thing they are glad God has given them and hide it (while the others aren’t looking). Take turns looking for each person’s item as they give you clues telling if you are “hot” or “cold.”

Take turns allowing each family member to say thank you to God for the item that they chose and hid.

God is good and gives us what we need! We respond to Him by being thankful.

Shout It Out!

God deserves our loudest praise!

Play “Echo” to review this month’s verse, Psalm 72:18-19 (and praise God). Station the kids at different places throughout the house. Say a phrase of the verse, then kids at the next closest place will “echo” the phrase, continuing out to the ones farthest away. Take turns being the leader who starts the verse and change places.

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