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Every Piece of the Puzzle

Item Needed: simple puzzle

Hide a piece of the puzzle in each child’s room and ask them to find the piece. Put the puzzle together, but have each child hold their puzzle piece until the very end.

What would have happened if you had not found and added your puzzle piece? (the puzzle would not be complete; it would be missing something; etc.)

We needed all pieces of the puzzle to complete the picture. We need all Christ followers to do God’s work. When we use the gift God has given us, we are completing God’s work on earth.

Do You Like Gifts?

Items Needed: gift card to a fast food restaurant or ice cream shop

Wrap the gift card or put it in a gift bag and give it to one family member. After he/she has opened it, ask, “What would like to do with your gift?” (Hopefully, he/she will say, Use it!)

Are you willing to share your gift with the rest of our family?

If he/she says yes, load up the family and head out to use the gift card. As you are enjoying the treat, talk about spiritual gifts.

How did you feel when ___________ shared the gift with us?

What is a spiritual gift? (an ability to serve God)

What are some spiritual gifts God gives? (teaching, giving, encouraging, hospitality, mercy, helping, evangelizing, etc.)

Who has a gift? (all believers)

God gives us believer a spiritual to help others. When_________ shared his/her gift with us, we all benefited. When we share our spiritual gifts, others will be helped.

How Can You Serve Others?

Brainstorm a way that your family can serve others.

Some ideas:

  • Make a meal or dessert and cards for a sick friend.
  • Do yard work for an elderly neighbor.
  • Complete a job at the church.
  • Plan a back to school party for your friends and collect school supplies for needy families.

Use your gifts and abilities to help others.

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