Baby, Baby

Serve every one baby food (or pureed food) for dinner and see what reaction you get. (You may want to have other food waiting in the wings!)

Why would it be odd for you to drink milk and eat baby food for dinner? (we aren’t babies; we eat real food; etc)

It is right for babies to eat baby food and drink milk from a bottle, but wouldn’t it be strange if you were still doing that when you are ten years old?!

Read Hebrews 5:12-14.

Just as a baby starts eating solid food as he grows, we should grow spiritually and know the difference between right and wrong.

How does a baby grow? (they drink milk, they eat food, they exercise, etc.)

How do we mature (grow) spiritually? (we read the Bible; we pray; we love God, we serve others; we go to church; etc.)

We can grow spiritually little by little each day.

Growing Up

Item Needed: yard stick or measuring tape

Find a spot in the house (possibly an out of the way spot, maybe a door way or closet) where you can mark each little one’s height. (Add the date, also.)

Talk about how they have grown physically, but also ways they have matured spiritually. (I notice how you are more patient with your little sister. I see how you shared with the neighbor. I noticed that you are faithful to read your Bible every day. ETC.)

Just as it would be odd for someone to quit growing physically, it is not right for us to quit growing spiritually. We want to keep growing to be more like Jesus.

King Dad

Celebrate Father’s Day this coming Sunday.

Treat Dad as though he were the king of the castle – make his favorite foods; play the game he wants to play; give him control of the remote with no arguing; listen to him; tell him that you love and respect him!

Make a card – one idea is to make a candy bar card. For an example, go to:

We were going to give you a 100 GRAND but the money slipped through our BUTTER FINGERS. You’re the best dad in the MILKY WAY! Love, Your little AIRHEAD)


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