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Do I Really Have to Grow Up?

Throw a big temper tantrum…the ‘get on the floor, kick your legs, flail your arms and scream’ kind of tantrum….when you don’t get your way. When finished, ask your kids their thoughts.

Why did it seem odd for Mom/Dad to throw a tantrum?

What age do you think kids should quit throwing tantrums?

Why do we throw tantrums?

As we get older, we learn that we can’t always have our way and we accept that. We mature and grow up as we accept disappointment without throwing a big fit! Paul told the Corinthians, “Grow up!”

We all want our own way, but as we grow, we can say no to sin and selfishness and yes to God’s way.

Growing In Christ

Measure your kids to see how much they have grown. (For a free printable growth chart, go to www.squidoo.com/free-child-growth-charts.) A good idea is to measure them every year on their birthday or other special day.

When we were born, we began to grow. Just as our physical body keeps growing, we can keep growing in other ways. When we are born into God’s family, we will grow to be more like Him. His Holy Spirit will produce characteristics like love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, self-control, etc. in us (Galatians 5:22-23).

What would it look like for someone to be mature (growing) in patience? (Instead of constantly losing one’s temper, she stops to think before she says hurtful words; instead of grabbing a toy away, she asks politely; etc.)

Discuss some of the other characteristics the Holy Spirit produces and what it would look like if we are growing in them.

The more that we say yes to obeying God’s words and no to our selfish ways, we will grow to be more like Jesus.

It’s Time to Celebrate Father’s

Plan your Father’s Day celebration. (Sometimes the “secrecy” and anticipation of giving a gift is greater than the actual gift.)

Think of Dad’s favorite things (snacks, soda, magazine, game, book, restaurant gift card, etc.) and buy several small items to give him. Before bed on Saturday night, hide the items and send Dad on a hunt for them on Father’s Day, with the kids giving him hot/cold clues. Consider giving a gift to a special grandfather, uncle, or another father figure if there is no dad in the home.

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