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Story Starters

Choose one of the story starters below and complete the story—with a good and bad ending. First, ask the kids to complete the story with an example of what might have happened if the main character(s) did NOT listen to the person in charge. Then complete the story with the character(s) submitting to the authority. 

  • Greta’s class went to the zoo. Mrs. Jones told the class to stay together, but the cute koalas quickly distracted Greta. When she looked around, she couldn’t find her classmates.
  • Ben and Reggie went to the skating rink. They played tag with some other boys and were whizzing by the other skaters when the man in charge blew his whistle for them to slow down. Ben laughed and kept on racing around the rink.
  • Mortimer snuck into his mom’s closet where she hid his birthday gifts. She had warned him to stay out of her closet, but he paid no attention. When she found out that he had found them, she…

 Read Romans 13:1. (Obey those in authority over you.)

Who are some people in authority over you?

Why is it hard to obey? (I want my own way; they want to spoil my fun; etc.)

When we obey those God has placed over us, we please Him.

Listening to the Coach

Watch the Winter Olympics together and talk about how the athletes must submit (obey) their coaches.

Why do the athletes have coaches? (To teach; to guide; to support; to correct…them)

What might happen if they did not listen to or obey their coaches? (They might get hurt; they wouldn’t do as well; etc.)

God gives us people in authority to watch over and protect us.

Few Facts about the 2014 Winter Olympics:

  • The host city, Sochi has a population of 400,000 people and is located in Krasnodar, which is the third largest region in Russia.
  • 81 countries are expected to participate.
  • 15 sport disciplines are participating in the 2014 Winter Olympics.
  • Mario and Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games has been released to celebrate the games.
  • The top speed for Olympic speed skaters is over 40 mph.
  • The large Olympic ski jump hill is 394 feet high.

Showing Appreciation

Buy a basket of fruit or goodies (individually packaged crackers, cookies, etc.) and take them to a person or group who look out for us (firefighters, police officers, school office staff, pastoral staff, crossing guard, etc.). Write short notes of appreciation to them for their protection and care. 


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