Why? Because!

Play Why? Because! Gather some slips of paper or index cards, pencils, and two small bowls (to hold the slips of paper).

Give each person two slips of paper and a pencil. Ask them to write a question on one that starts with Why? (Why is milk white? Why do I have to go to bed at 8?) Then on the other slip, write a Because answer. (Because it’s not green, because you turn into a monster at 9.) Keep the Why questions separate from the Because answers and put them in two separate bowls.

Mix up the questions in each bowl. Let one person choose a Why question and read it aloud. Then ask another person to randomly choose a Because answer and read it. (Hopefully, they will not pick one that actually answers the question.)  Read all the questions and answers.

This was a silly game of questions and answers, but there are many times that we don’t always want to submit to the person in charge. We don’t understand WHY we have to obey. Rules are usually for our good and the Holy Spirit can help us say yes to obeying and no to going our selfish way. (If you have older kids, invite them to think of a reason behind a rule.)

Yay! You Obeyed!

Gather some happy face stickers or a homemade happy face (glue a magnet to the back—the pizza shop ad magnets work great for this).

If you have preschoolers, encourage them to submit/obey by putting a sticker on them or sticking the happy face on the fridge every time they obey. Say, “Yay, you obeyed” with a smile and a hug, every time they obey!

What If?

Make storytelling cards and tell a story about someone who did or didn’t obey. (These can be kept and reused.) Gather old magazines, catalogs, etc. and cut out pictures (words, numbers, pictures, whatever). Glue each one to a piece of cardstock (or paper if you don’t have card stock). When dry, place them in a box (or bag) and use them in a story. (There are some story starters below if you need ideas.)

Invite every family member to pick one card to use in the story. The first person must use the picture, word, or whatever is on their card in the story. After a few sentences (judge when the story needs to move on), invite another family member to continue the story. Keep going until everyone has had a turn to contribute. (It will probably get silly! Just have fun with it!)

Story starters:

  • The monkey’s mom told him NOT to go to the river because there were alligators who sometimes eat little monkeys at the river. Little monkey got bored swinging through the trees, so he….
  • “Clean your room, Megan,” her mom said. When Megan went to her room and opened the curtains, she saw…
  • Greta’s class went to the zoo and Mrs. Jones told the class to stay together. When Greta saw the trail for the koalas, she….

The boys rode their bikes to the old, empty house and walked up to the front porch. The sign said, No Trespassing. Joey…

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