Hide God’s Word

Don’t let the Easter fun end on Sunday! Celebrate all week!

For the month of April, we will be learning about God from the Psalms. The word ‘psalm’ is not one we use much today, but it means ‘song’ which is a word we definitely use today. The verses were written in poetry form and sung to help the people remember the words.

Kids in K-5th grade began learning Psalm 72:18-19. Write out the words (use short phrases) on small pieces of paper and place them inside plastic eggs. Hide the eggs, let the kids find them and piece together the Bible verses. Say the verse or better yet, make up a tune and sing it!

Celebrate and Play

Play some fun games and build some great memories!

• String Easter treats (Peeps, donuts, cookies with a hole in the middle, etc.) on a long piece of string or yarn and tie it between two chairs. (Make sure there is a treat for each family member, including parents.) See who can eat the treat off the string without it falling to the floor—no hands. Cheer for the winner.

• Pass the Egg—Gather the family in a circle and place a hard-boiled (or plastic) egg under the first person’s chin and pass it from one person to the next without using hands or without it dropping to the floor. If it is dropped, pick it up and start again. See if you can make it all the way around the circle.

• Egg Roll—Give each person a plastic egg. All family members line up on one side of the room and the first person to roll their egg to the opposite side (you may want to make a starting and ending point with masking tape) USING their nose is the winner.

• See how many jelly beans you can balance on a popsicle/craft stick.

Sing Me a Song

Not all the Psalms are upbeat—in fact, this week’s psalm (22) speaks about Jesus, our suffering Savior. Play quiet, worshipful music as you tuck your child in bed and rub their back for a few minutes. If you have young ones who still take a nap, play Christian lullabies. God’s Word can seep into young hearts in such a beautiful way through music.

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