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Better Than

Items Needed:
– Different flavors of ice cream (or other good things to compare)
– Bowls and spoons

Dip small amounts of ice cream into bowls and let kids compare them ask their opinion about which is the best flavor and why.

We all have our opinion about which flavor of ice cream is best. We don’t all have to agree on which one is best. But there is one thing that we must all agree on…important truths about Jesus. Jesus is better than anything!

An Assignment

Give your kids an assignment. Tell them to ask three people, “Who is Jesus?” (and to remember the answers). ***Do it yourself – ask three coworkers for their thoughts.

During dinner, discuss the different answers that people gave.

Many people have different ideas about Jesus – that He is a good man, an angel, a son of God, one of many gods, a good teacher, etc. Students learned truths from the Bible to help them know about Jesus. Colossians 1 tells us that Jesus is:

  • The image of God (He is a picture of what God is like)
  • Creator of the world
  • Existed before time –before anything else
  • Head of the church
  • Winner over sin and death

There has never been anyone like Jesus! He is unique and supreme over all!


Since it is getting dark earlier, bundle up and take a blanket outside to look at the stars.

  • On a clear, moonless night, a thousand or more stars are visible.
  • Five of our solar system’s eight planets, a few star clusters, a spiral galaxy, and the odd bright comet are visible, too. (Depending on the age level of your kids, Google stargazing for more tips or download a free app here.)
  • With the advent of telescopes, very many previously unknown stars were discovered. Galileo, using his homemade telescope, saw a ten-fold increase in the number of visible stars, up to 30,000.
  • Today, the local Milky Way galaxy (of which our sun is a part) has been found to contain 200,000 million stars. If somebody could count three stars per second, after 100 years he would have counted less than five percent of this number.
  • The total number of stars in the observable universe is estimated to be 1025 (1 followed by 25 zeros). Nobody knows the actual number.

(Go to www.answersingenesis.org for more amazing star facts.)

Who made the stars? (God/Jesus – Genesis 1:16)

Flip on the flashlight and read Colossians 1: 15-17

How should we treat Someone who is so wise and powerful? (We should admire, respect, worship, be in awe of, etc.)

Jesus created the stars and deserves our worship. There is NO one like Him.

Say a prayer of praise to God for His great wisdom and power.

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