I Am _________

While you are driving in the car, guess the identity of famous people. Announce a category of famous people that your kids would know (historical figures/presidents, TV personalities, cartoon characters, singers, etc) and invite one person at a time to pick a person (but not tell anyone). The others will ask questions that can only be answered by a yes or no to discover their person’s “identity.” (Am I a man? Am I still living? Could you see me on TV? Am I famous for singing? etc.) ****If you have younger kids, you may want to guess animals instead of people. Give them clues if they need help after a few minutes.

Talk about it:

What is an identity? (Who you are; What you are like; etc.)

Paul wrote that when a person accepts and follows Jesus, he is a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17). He/she has a new identity. No, you don’t get a new name or body, but you are different on the inside. God forgives your sin and makes you part of His family. We are to live in ways that honors God and our new family. The old ways of selfishness should be put away and the new ways of loving should be part of who we are.

Guess Who?

Guess clues to identify one another. Give each family member an index card or piece of paper to write three clues about themselves (without letting the others see what they have written). You may have to help the younger ones who can’t yet write. Some ideas for clues: I have brown eyes. I like to play soccer. I am wearing a green shirt.

Collect the cards, read each one aloud and try to guess the identity of the person by the clues given.

We could guess each person’s identity by learning certain things about them. Read John 13:35 to find the way that people would recognize Jesus’ followers/disciples. (Their love for one another.)

Jesus said others will be able to identify His followers by their love for others. Could people guess that you are a Christian by the things you say and do?

Identify a Great Man

Plan your Father’s Day celebration. (Sometimes the “secrecy” and anticipation of giving a gift is greater than the actual gift.) Consider giving a gift to a special grandfather, uncle, or another father figure if there is no dad in the home.

Make a simple video and email it to Dad. Give kids a sentence starter and record their answers.

  • I love my dad because ______.
  • I like it when my dad and I ________.
  • My dad is really good at _________.

Think of Dad’s favorite things (snacks, soda, magazine, game, book, restaurant gift card, etc.) and buy several small items to give him. Before bed on Saturday night, hide the items and send Dad on a hunt for them on Father’s Day, with the kids giving him hot/cold clues.

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