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Paul shared his testimony—his story of God’s work in his life (2 Corinthians 6:3-11). He told the story of how he came to know and serve Jesus whenever he had the chance (Acts 22:6-21).

What is a testimony? According to the dictionary, a testimony is evidence or proof of a claim. Paul claimed to be a follower of Jesus Christ and the proof was his life. He lived so others could see the difference in his life before and after he met Jesus.

Share your testimony of how you came to know Jesus (who told you about him, what made you realize you needed Him, what happened, and the difference Jesus has made in your life. You might want to invite other family members (even your kids who are saved) to share their salvation stories. Video it and you’ll have a valuable family treasure.

See What God Did!

Gather the art supplies and invite family members to think of a time when God helped them and illustrate it. If they draw a blank, ask some questions:

  • When did you feel afraid and God gave you courage?
  • Has God answered a prayer?
  • Did God send someone to comfort you when you were sad or lonely?
  • Is there a Bible verse that helped you know what to do?

Post the pictures as testimonies of God’s work in your family’s lives.

What Can You Do?

Invite family members to share a statement of what they can do. Others will guess if they are bluffing or if they can really do it. For example, I might say: I can touch my tongue to my nose. The others will say whether they think I can do it and then I will prove to them if I can do it. Take turns making statements and proving whether or not the person can really do it.

It would easy to say something, but our actions proved whether we could do it. We may say we love God, but our words and actions prove it.

Read John 14:15. What is one way to show that we love God? We obey His commands.

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