Splink 1:

God Loves ALL!

Kids using the D6 2Gen curriculum learned about Peter telling Cornelius and his family (Gentiles—a people very different from him) about Jesus.

God wants ALL people to be a part of His family.

Role-play meeting new people.

  • You meet a new kid in the neighborhood from a different country.
  • You see a kid your age in a wheelchair.
  • You are paired up with a kid that others make fun of because of her clothes.
  • You meet an elderly person in the grocery store.

(A few ideas: make eye contact; smile; say “Hello”; ask their name; shake hands; don’t make comments about their handicap or appearance; etc.)

How do we treat people who are different from us? We must be kind and respectful to all people.

*Model this behavior and your kids will catch more than your words could ever say.

Splink 2:

Go and Tell

Make simple food from another country (rice and eat it using chopsticks) and talk about what it means to be a missionary. Choose one of the countries where your church supports missionaries and find out what time is it there; what foods they like to eat; what are some customs that are different from ours.

What is a missionary? (Someone sent on a mission—someone who follows Jesus and makes it their full-time job to tell people about Jesus and make disciples)

Why do we need missionaries? (People need to hear the good news about Jesus so they can go to Heaven)

Many missionaries go to other countries far away from their families to love people who don’t know Jesus. Missionaries love God and love people!  

Can we be missionaries? Yes! We may not be able to work full-time telling people about Jesus, but we can love God and love people—even those who eat different foods and live differently from us!

Splink: 3

Tag as Many as You Can

Bundle up, go outside, and play a game of reverse tag. The object of the game is to tag everyone as quickly as possible, while staying connected. Choose one person to be “it.” “It” must tag as many as possible and when tagged they must stay connected to “it” (hold hands or whatever, but always touching) and stay connected as they try to tag all the others. By the end of the game, everyone should be connected to each other. (Repeat with a new “it” if you like.)

How did you win the game? (By tagging everyone and staying together)

Was it hard to stay connected as you ran to tag others?

Even though the early believers were different from each other, the church grew by telling others about Jesus and connecting them to the group.

What are some things the church did together? (They loved one another; they ate together; they shared with those in need; they encouraged one another; they worshiped with one another.)

God’s church must reach out and connect with people and tell them about Jesus.

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