Splink 1:

You Can Do It

Watch a 3.15-minute video about Derek Redmond’s perseverance.

How did Derek show perseverance? (He kept going even though he was hurt) 

How did his dad help him? (Walked alongside him to the finish line, supported him, etc.)

When the Temple Leaders arrested Peter and John for preaching and healing on the Sabbath, how did Peter and John show perseverance? (They kept preaching; they kept telling others about Jesus; etc.)

The early church supported one another when hard times came.

How can we support others to help them keep going? (Pray for them; help them; spend time with them; give them encouraging words; etc.)

Splink 2:

Together or Apart?

Try an experiment to see if sticking together makes things better. Ask three family members to stand shoulder to shoulder across the room. Choose one person to come to the front and stand facing the others. The ball has to be thrown below the shoulder level. Give him or her three chances to get the ball past their line. (The ones forming the line should do their best to stand tightly together so the ball won’t get through.)

Then ask the three to spread across the room (away from each other). Now give the “thrower” three chances to get the ball past the line. (Give others a chance to be the “thrower” if you like.)

When was it harder to get the ball past the line of family members—when they were close together or when they were far apart? (Close together) 

The early church had many problems but when they stuck together, they were unstoppable. Just as it was easier to keep the ball from getting through when everyone stood together, it will be easier to keep out what is wrong and do what is right when we stay close together with other believers.

Splink: 3

Lean on Me

Send a card to someone going through a hard time. Ask all family members to sign it or ask them to make their own picture and put those with the card.

Talk about it:

How did the early church show their love and unity for one another? (They met together and prayed; they praised God together; they worshiped together; they supported one another; etc.)

Do you think it was easier for Peter and John to stand up and obey God knowing others were with them? Why or why not? (It probably helped them to know that others were praying for them, believed in them, and supported them)

 We can support our friend by giving words of encouragement (in this card) and praying for him.

Pray for your friend.

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