Short of the Mark

Go outside and compete to see who can jump the longest. Mark a starting point and measure 29 feet and 4 ½ inches from it (the current distance of world’s record). Take turns running and jumping to see how far the kids can jump. Allow them to stand in the spot where they landed or mark it with a piece of masking tape or stick.

When all have had a turn making a jump, point out the standard/the record—29 feet, 4 ½ inches. Point out that some got closer than others, but all fell short of the mark. No one reached the standard.

God set a standard to get into Heaven—perfection. God is perfect and everything in Heaven is perfect. Every person who ever lived (except Jesus) fell short of God’s standard of perfection.

Read Romans 3:23 to find out who has sinned. All have sinned and fall short! Just as every person falls short, every person sins and needs Jesus to go to Heaven.

*****FYI—On August 30, 1991, Mike Powell of the United States, in a well-known showdown against Carl Lewis, jumped 8.95 meters (29 feet, 4 ½ inches) at the World Championships in Tokyo, setting the current men’s world record.


Pose the question to your child (maybe in a private conversation after a situation where they’ve done wrong): Why is it easier to sin than to do what is right?

Some follow-up questions:

Why do you sometimes tell a lie? (To get out of trouble; to make myself look good to others; to get what I want; etc.)

Why do you sometimes fight? (Because I want my own way; I am mad; etc.)

Why do you sometimes steal? (To get something I want; because I don’t have any money and I want it now; etc.)

Because of Adam and Eve’s sin, we are all born with a desire to sin. From the time we were little, we wanted our own way. No one had to teach us to be selfish or lie or disobey. It is easier to sin than to do what is right. We need Jesus’ help to bring us closer to God.

Remember… Say Thanks

October is Pastor Appreciation Month. Here are a few ideas to start you thinking…brainstorm with your family what you could do to say thank you to your pastor.

  • Make a special craft or card and give it.
  • Make a meal or dessert and invite your pastor and family to your home to honor and thank them.
  • If your pastor has kids, invite the kids to stay at your house for the evening so they can go out.
  • Buy a gift certificate to a restaurant, to Amazon, or another place to visit.
  • Say thank you.
  • Pray often for your pastor!
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