Know the Way

Make a matching game with simple truths about God’s way of salvation from sin. Get out the crayons and 16 post-it notes. Give each child two post-it notes and assign them an item to draw on the sticky side of both notes (the item is in italics in the statements below). The pictures will be a reminder of the Gospel statements.

God created the world (draw a world or write the word, world)

God loves you and wants you to be in His family. (Draw a heart) John 3:16

We have all sinned and gone our own way. (Draw a sad face) Romans 3:23

Sin is breaking God’s rules. (Draw a picture of 10 Commandments or the Bible)

Jesus came to earth and died on the cross for our sins. (Draw a cross) John 3:16

Jesus came alive again. (Draw a picture of an empty tomb) Romans 10:9

We need to receive His gift of forgiveness for our sins. (Draw a picture of a gift)

Say thank you to Him. Celebrate! (Draw a happy face)

When finished, collect the post-it notes and stick them on the wall (or another surface). Take turns letting someone turn around two of the notes to see if they match. Say the statement as the note/picture is turned around. Keep going until all the matches have been found.

God’s Plan

Watch a 2-minute video explaining salvation to kids. Go to:

The video clearly explains the why and the how of salvation and the Gospel on a child’s level.

Safe Place

Play hide and seek in the backyard to illustrate God’s protection from sin and His judgment. Designate a specific point (a tree or shed or whatever) as the base, a “safe” place. When anyone gets to the safe place, he is safe and cannot be caught. Choose one person to be “it” who will hide his eyes and count to 20. Everyone else should find a hiding place. The object of the game is to get to the safe place. (Parent, let your little ones get to the safe place as often as possible.)

When tired of the game, sit on the grass and talk.


How did it feel to make it to the safe place without getting caught? (Good; relieved; happy; etc.)

How is God our safe place? (When we accept Jesus, we don’t have to be punished for our sins, He will bring us to Heaven to live with Him forever.)

God wants all people to come to Him (safe place) but sin nature encourages people to go their own way and follow other gods. All who come to God to have their sins taken away will be with Him forever in Heaven (the ultimate safe place).

Read John 3:16.

Say a prayer of thanks to God for being a safe place.

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