Splink 1:

A Good Guide

Item Needed: Blindfold (scarf; tie; dish towel; etc.)

Pick two kids—one to be blindfolded and the other to be the “guider.” Blindfold one and then set up a simple obstacle course (rearrange pillows; chairs; plants; etc.). Allow the “guider” to guide the blindfolded one through the course by giving verbal instructions (turn left; there’s a plant on the right; move to the right; stop; etc.).

Let them reverse roles and change the course around. If others want a turn, let them have a chance to walk through the obstacle course.

What was the hardest part about making it through the course?

How did your guide help you? (His words helped me avoid running into things; her instructions helped me know where to go; etc.)

One of the best ways the Holy Spirit helps us is through the Bible. He is the author of it and as we read and memorize it, He will use it to guide us.

Suppose you are tempted to take a pack of gum from the store, how can the Holy Spirit help you? (He can remind you of the Bible verse that says, Do not Steal; He can jog your memory of the consequences of sin; etc.)

The Holy Spirit will guide us to make right choices.

Splink 2:

Which Way Do We Go?

Item Needed: GPS (a phone GPS will work)

Demonstrate how a GPS works. Put in an address (destination) and follow the voice’s instructions. While you are driving, don’t listen to the “voice” and go a different direction so they will see what it says in that situation.

How did the GPS guide us? (It mapped out the best way to go; it told us when to turn and where to go; etc.)

What happened when we went the wrong way? (It told us to turn around; it found a new way for us to go; etc.) 

What might have happened if we ignored the voice on the GPS? (We might get lost; we wouldn’t get to where we needed to be; etc.)

If someone is trying to guide you, what must you do? (Listen; pay attention; follow; etc.)

God gave us a wonderful gift when He gave us the Holy Spirit! The Holy Spirit lives inside us and will guide us. He knows what is best for us and we need to stay as close as we can to Him so we can know the right way to go.

How does the Holy Spirit guide us? The Holy Spirit doesn’t speak in a voice out loud (as the lady on the GPS does), but speaks to us through a quiet, inner voice (John 16:13) and even through our own minds (Romans 9:1). He certainly speaks to us through the Bible (2 Timothy 3:16). As we read, think about, and memorize the Bible, the Spirit will speak to us. He will also bring specific verses to our mind when we need them most (John 14:26). The Holy Spirit will never lead us to do anything that is against the Bible.

Splink: 3

Listen Closely

Items Needed: Adventure Guide, Discovery Guide, or Explorer’s Guide (or other devotional magazine); Bible

Model how to have a quiet time for your kids.

  • Choose a quiet place.
  • Read a section in the devotional magazine or a passage in the Bible.
  • Ask yourself, “What does that tell me about God?” or “Is there an instruction I can obey?”
  • Thank God and ask for His help to do what is right.

God gives us the Holy Spirit to guide us. Our part is to listen and obey Him.

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