Splink 1:

Easier with a helper

Assign a specific chore to each child—one that is hard to do alone. As they struggle to complete it, ask if they would like some help. Complete the chore with them.

What helped get the chore done faster and better? (I worked with you; I joined in and helped; etc.)

God gives us a wonderful gift when He gives us the Holy Spirit.

Read John 16:7-8, 13 

What are some ways He helps us? (Guides us; convicts us; corrects us; shows us truth; etc.)

When Jesus went back to Heaven, He sent the Holy Spirit to live inside us to help us know the right way to live and please God.

Splink 2:


Items Needed: Regular balloon and helium balloon
Share a simple object lesson about God’s power inside us.

Blow up and tie the regular balloon. Ask a volunteer to try to keep it in the air until you say stop. The balloon will fall to the ground.

Hold up helium balloon and ask someone to keep it in the air (easy to do).

Can you make any comparisons between the two balloons and people who do or do not have God, the Holy Spirit living inside them? (This may be tough or you may be surprised at their insight.)

Let’s say that this regular balloon is like people who do not have the Holy Spirit living inside. These people depend on themselves and try to do what is right. They may be able to do what is right for a while, but eventually they stop trying and fail.

This helium balloon is like someone who has the Holy Spirit living inside. God fills him (let go of string) with His power and helps him to do what he cannot on his own. God’s power is far greater than ours and He will help us do what is right.

Splink: 3

Celebrate God’s Power

Items Needed: Party horns, blowers, special foods, etc. to celebrate the New Year’s arrival; Board game

Play a favorite board game to see who will be the reigning champion for the year. Record the name of the champion on the lid of the box. (Repeat every New Year’s Eve to see who gets to claim bragging rights all year.)

Since we are beginning a new year, invite each family member (including mom and dad) to share something they would like to stop doing OR something they would like to start doing better.

Pray and ask God to help each one (it is only with His help that we could ever hope to live godly).

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