Linked Together

One of the biggest things that historically led people away from God was their attachment to others things (idols) and bad influences (often wicked leaders).

Pair family members side-by-side and have them lock arms. Then give unique commands to each person (go to the kitchen and bring a spoon, go to the family room and bring me a book, etc.)

After their arguing and they finally complete the tasks, talk about it:

How did you decide what to do? (We did what he wanted because he’s bossy; we couldn’t decide at first; we followed the other; etc.)

Why was it hard to do what you were supposed to do when the other person was going a different way? (They pulled me along; they wanted to have their way; etc.)

Why is it hard for us to do what is right if we are linked to people who want to do wrong things? (They try to influence us to go with them; they want us to join them; etc.)

Read 1 Corinthians 15:33.

What does this verse mean? (Bad company – those who want to do wrong things- corrupts or ruins good morals or character; friends who want to do wrong things will lead you to do wrong things; etc.)

How were the people in Israel led away from God by the people around them? (They followed the people around them who worshiped others gods and soon they worshiped other gods also.)

One of the best ways to do what is right is to join up with people who also want to do what is right. Think about the kinds of friends you choose to be with.  What kind of impact are those choices making? Pray together for God to help each of you make the right kinds of choices for being and selecting friends.

Speak Up!

Choose one person to be the listener. Provide him or her with headphones playing lively music. Invite everyone else to choose a slip with an instruction, but not show it to anyone.

One of the instructions should be to say a Bible verse but the remaining instructions can vary.  Suggestions:

Say a Bible verse (provide one for whomever selects this option).

Say a nursery rhyme (Mary Had a Little Lamb).

Say blah, blah, blah.

Say the Pledge of Allegiance.

Say the words to your favorite song.

Say “Watermelon, watermelon, watermelon.”

Tell a favorite kid’s story (The Three Bears).

At the signal to ‘go’ everyone except the listener should repeat what is on the instruction slip over and over until you call time. Everyone should speak at the same time and as softly or as loudly as they like. The object of the game is for the listener to find the person who is quoting the Bible verse. When time is up, ask the listener to identify the one saying the Bible verse. If he guessed correctly, congratulate him as a good listener. Throw the slips back into the basket, choose a new listener, pick new slips, and repeat the game.

Talk about it:

What was your favorite part of this game?

Why was it so hard to hear the one saying the Bible verse? (There were so many talking; some were shouting; etc.)

What are some things you listen to in a day? (Parents; teachers; friends; music; TV; coaches; video games; reading materials; etc.)

We hear so many voices and it is sometimes difficult to tell which one is right. Everything we listen to can impact us for good or bad. We want to listen to God’s truth in the Bible every day.

Domino Effect

Watch a video of the ripple effect of dominoes.

Go to to watch an amazing video of Lily Hevesh’s domino demonstration.

At age 10, Lily was given her first 28-pack of dominoes from her grandparents. Not only does she enjoy setting up and knocking down dominoes as a hobby, but also it has become her full-time job. She started posting videos of her colorful projects on YouTube and millions of people watch her videos.

Stand up a row of Dominos (just far enough apart so they will all fall down when the first one is tapped). Tap the first Domino and see what happens.

What happened when we tapped the first Domino? One thing affected another thing. There are results when we do certain things.

Why is it important to think before making a choice? (Our choices affect other choices; our choice affects other people; our choices let us to something better if we make the right one; etc.)

Read Deuteronomy 26:17. This verse is a good reminder for us all. It’s always important to filter your choices through the lens of Scripture. What does the Bible say about the choices you are about to make? There is a domino effect with many of our choices so choosing God’s way is the best way to get things flowing in the right direction.

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