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Worth the Wait

Plan a special activity your family would enjoy together (go out for a treat together, drive around and look at the lights, bake cookies, watch a holiday movie, etc.) and promise the kids that at a certain time you will do that activity. Remind them several times that the “event” is coming in order to build anticipation. After enjoying the “event”, talk about it:

What was your favorite part of the evening?
Why is it so hard to wait?
Do you think it was hard for the people to wait for Jesus’ arrival?

Read Galatians 4:4, 5 (At the right time, God sent His Son…)

When did God send His Son to Earth? (At just the right time)

Why did God send His Son, Jesus to Earth? (So He could die for our sins and we could be adopted into God’s family)

God promised the first man and woman that He would send His Son to take away sin. The people had to wait a long time for Jesus’ birth, but God kept His promise.

The Best Gift

Share an object lesson about God’s greatest gift.

Wrap a small gift to illustrate the gift God gives to us. (You may want to wrap and give a small gift to each child after you share the object lesson so you don’t hear cries of “Where’s MY gift?” Etc.)

Hold out the gift and say something like, “I promise that the first one to take this can have it.” (Give it to the one who responded first.)
What did you have to do to get it? Did you have to pay for it? Did you have to be good to get it? What did you have to do it? (Take it, receive it, etc.) Did I keep my promise?

Read John 1:12.

What is the promise in this Bible verse? (That whoever receives Jesus will become part of God’s family)

God offers us a wonderful gift. He wants to take away our sin (which keeps us separate from Him) and make us part of His family. Jesus paid with His life so we can have this gift. We can’t buy it or be good enough to get it. We must simply believe in Jesus and receive His forgiveness. Jesus is the best gift!

Happy Birthday!

Host a birthday party for Jesus. Involve the whole family – plan games, make a birthday cake or cupcakes with candles, sing “Happy Birthday” and celebrate Jesus’ birth into the world.

***A simple game to play at Christmas is hide and seek. Ask for two volunteers – a hider and a seeker. Send the seeker out of the room. The hider will then hide a piece of the nativity set (make sure everyone see where she hides it). Bring the finder back in and sing songs to help him find the hidden piece (sing louder the closer he gets to it; sing quieter when he is far from it). When the object is found, pick a new hider and seeker and continue playing.

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