What’s That For?

While you are cooking in the kitchen, collect an assortment of items such as: cheese grater, pizza cutter, candy thermometer, etc. and ask:

What does it do? What is it used for?

Explain that each item was made for a specific purpose (to grate cheese, cut a pizza, or determine cooking temperature).

God has a specific purpose for each of us. We were created to love and worship/glorify God. We are happiest when we know and live out our purpose.

We EACH Have a Purpose

Plan a nice dinner and write out each specific job/assignment on an index card or piece of paper needed to make the dinner happen. (Make the salad, decorate and set the table, make a dessert, cook the rice, etc.)

To make it more special, put each job/assignment in an envelope and write each person’s name on the front.

Give out the envelopes and work together to make the special dinner.


Why were we able to have such a nice dinner? (Each person did the job they were supposed to do.)

What would have happened if you didn’t do your assigned job? (We wouldn’t have had that part of the meal.)

We all completed the job we were given so we could have a nice dinner.

God has a job/assignment for each of us.

What was Solomon’s job? (He was chosen to rule over God’s people; He was chosen to build the temple where people could worship Go; etc.)

Solomon was king over Israel for 40 years and ruled God’s people with fairness and wisdom. He built the temple where people could worship God. He wrote three books of the Bible—Song of Solomon, Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes. Solomon completed the job God gave Him.

When we faithfully do the job God gives us, we will be happier and others may be pulled closer to God.

Find Your Purpose Early

Share a simple object lesson with your kids. Find two pencils—one almost brand new and one that is very small with hardly any eraser and offer them to your kids.

Which one of these pencils would you rather have? Why? We would all choose the longer pencil because it has a longer time to be useful. It is best to find your purpose when you are younger rather than waiting until you are an older person and only have a short time to love and serve God.

Some of Solomon’s wisest words are found in the last chapter of Ecclesiastes. Read Ecclesiastes 12:1a.

What was Solomon’s advice? Remember your Creator while you are young.

Don’t wait until you are older to follow and serve God. Follow God NOW and find His purpose for your life.

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