Stand on the Truth

Paul told the Galatians to stand firm in the truth about the way to be right with God. They could never be right with God by keeping a bunch of rules. They could never be good enough to be saved. He wanted them to KNOW and STAND FIRM in the truth that we are saved by faith in Jesus.

Ask a volunteer to stand on one foot. Try to topple him over. Ask him to stand on both feet and be ready for you. It should be harder to knock him over.

How are we saved? How can we be right with God? Is it by being good? Is it by keeping God’s rules?

We know the way to be right with God is by believing and accepting what Jesus did on the cross. When we know the truth, it is harder to be swayed by wrong ideas.

Stay the Course

Run a race to introduce the idea of sticking with the truth. Make a starting point and a finish line. (Make the course long enough so kids can’t see the finish line.) Tell the kids they are to follow YOU and YOUR instructions in order to reach the finish line. Ask a spouse or older sibling to try and distract the kids from following your instructions (He or she could whisper messages such as, “You’re going the wrong way; Follow me and I will lead you in a better way; You are never going to finish; I know an easier way; etc.).

After everyone has finished, ask:

Why was it important to follow me to the finish line? (I set the course; I knew the right way to go; etc.)

Was it harder to run the race with _______ (fill in the name of the person) shouting distracting messages? Why?

Why is it important to follow God’s message of truth in the Bible? (Because He knows the right way and will lead us if we follow what He has said.)

Just as ___________ tried to distract you from running the race, there were people trying to get the Galatians to quit following the true gospel and believe a false gospel. Nothing should distract or persuade Christians who know the truth to follow anything else.

The Truth
Some were saying that a person can get to Heaven by keeping the law—the rules. What is the TRUE gospel?

Write each of the following TRUE statements on an index card or piece of paper (or copy, paste, and cut apart). Pass them out and let the kids take turns reading these important truths aloud.
• God loves us and wants us to be in Heaven with Him some day.
• We have all sinned and gone our own way—away from God.
• Jesus died on the cross and took the punishment for our sin.
• Jesus came alive again.
• Believing in Jesus and accepting His forgiveness is the only way to Heaven.

No one can ever get to Heaven by doing enough good works or keeping God’s rules. Jesus is the ONLY way to Heaven. Don’t be led away from the truth.

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