United but Different

Give your kids choices at dinner to teach about unity. Give a couple of choices for each “course” (appetizer, main course, vegetables, drink, and dessert) and invite each family member to pick what they would like. (Expect lots of different opinions!) If you don’t want to do this for a meal, choose two or three flavors of ice cream (pint size works great) and ask them to pick a favorite.

We all have different opinions about what we like or do… like…and that’s okay. We don’t all have to agree that broccoli is the best vegetable in the world.

Are there things we can disagree about, but still be united and work together? Yes!

Read Ephesians 4:4-6.

We are one body united by the Holy Spirit. We have been blessed by God and must fulfill His purpose. We must share God’s love with those who do not know Him, as well as help and encourage our fellow believers. Even though we have different likes/dislikes, we can work together to do God’s will and serve others.

Lean on Me

Send a card to someone going through a hard time. Ask all family members to sign it or ask them to make their own picture and put those with the card.

Talk about it:

How did the early church show their love and unity for one another? (They met together and prayed; they praised God together; they worshiped together; they supported one another; etc.)

Read Ephesians 4:11-16.

Do you think it was easier for the new believers to stand up and obey God knowing others were with them? Why or why not? (It probably helped them to know that others were praying for them, believed in them, and supported them)

We can support our friend by giving words of encouragement (in this card) and praying for him.

Have a time of family prayer together for those you know who need encouragement and support this week.

Do Your Part

Stage a little competition to see how long family members can keep a balloon in the air (without touching the ground). Give each family member a balloon. Blow up and tie each balloon. Time them to see who can keep it in the air longest. Then pair up family members and give each pair one balloon and time them to see which pair can keep their balloon in the air longest.

Which was harder: keeping the balloon in the air by yourself or with a partner? (Probably with a partner.)

Why? (Sometimes my partner was supposed to hit the balloon and he failed; I couldn’t control what my partner did; etc.)

This reminds me of getting along with people. It is not always easy to get along with others. Even when we try to be kind and helpful, they do not. We say or do things that hurt one another. Sometimes we get mad and don’t want to be friends anymore.

What are some things we can do when things get broken with a friend or family member?

Read Ephesians 4:2-3, 28-32. What does it tell us to do? (Be kind, tenderhearted, forgive, say words that build up, put up with one another, etc.)

We can’t control what others do, but as much as it depends on us, we must try to get along with people and make things right when we hurt one another.

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