Splink 1:

Which Way Should We Go?

Gather everyone in the car/van/truck and put in a destination for the GPS. (Let’s go to ________.) Instead of following the GPS, turn the opposite way and listen to how the GPS “corrects” you. Continue making wrong turns…often. Finally, admit that you should listen to the GPS and follow its instructions.

What is the purpose of the GPS? (To guide us in the right way; to help us get where we want to go; etc.)

What did the GPS do when I went the wrong way? (It told me I was going the wrong way; it offered me a different route; etc.)

How do the Bible and the Holy Spirit help us? (They tell us the right way to go; they correct us; they guide us in doing what is right, etc.)

What must we do? (We must pay attention; we must listen and do what they say; etc.)

Review 1 Thessalonians 4:1-12, as it gives us some specific instructions on what to do.

Splink 2:

Walk Worthy

Students began learning a new Bible verse, 1 Thessalonians 2:12. Review the verse together. Write each word of the Bible verse on an index card or piece of paper. Place these in order along the way (taped to a mailbox, tree, fence, etc. or strategically placed on a bush, car, or wherever) for kids to collect as you take a walk.

Say the first word when you find it; say the first, then second word together when you find it; say the first, second, third word in order when you find the third word, etc. Hopefully, you will learn it well if you say it from the beginning each time you find a new word.

What does this verse tell us about God? (God has called us into His own kingdom and glory)

Paul, who wrote this letter to the people in Thessalonica, encouraged the people to do what? (Walk worthy)

What does it mean to “walk worthy”? Is he actually referring to the way a person walks? They should walk fast like this or slow like this? (Demonstrate different types of walking).

Paul is using “walk” as another word for “live.” Christians are to live right—not to prove they are worthy, but to prove that God who gave them life, is worthy. People can see from our actions if we are walking worthy and pleasing God.

As we go about our regular activities, we should live to please God.

Say the verse once a day to review it.

Splink 3:

Thank God for Freedom

Celebrate July 4th by watching the fireworks, cooking out, going to a parade, or just hanging out and enjoying the day off. (Holidays are a great time to build good memories—kids have fun and want to repeat it year after year!)

Make firecracker cookies. Shape pre-made sugar cookie dough into rectangles. Sprinkle with red popping candy and blue sprinkles.

Even though things aren’t perfect in our country (never have been), we can still thank God for the freedoms we have to worship and live in peace.

Go to the following link to watch a video (less than five minutes) about George Washington, our first president:

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