Splink 1:

Guess What’s There

When you’re riding in the car, play a game called “I’m thinking of something in Heaven.” Give them clues to see if they can guess what you are thinking of. For example, some clues for the word “throne” might be “It’s big, it has lots of rooms, God promised to make one for me.”) Take turns letting others think of something in Heaven and give clues for others to guess. THEN do the flip side—”I’m thinking of something NOT in Heaven.” Some of those are: no sickness, no sin, no tears, no death, no sadness, no devil, no night, etc.

Splink 2:

A Prepared Place

Invite some guests over for dinner and let the family help prepare for their arrival. Make a list of things to do (clean the family room; set the table; pick some flowers for the table; make a special dessert; pick a game for all to play; greet the guests; etc.)

After an evening of fun, discuss another preparation.

Read John 14:1-3. What did Jesus say He was going to do? He is preparing a place for us. We don’t know all of what Heaven will be like, but it will be wonderful. Jesus loves us and wants to live forever with us in this prepared place. All who believe in Jesus will enjoy Heaven with Him.

Splink 3:

Counting the Days

Show your wedding video or pictures and talk about how much you looked forward to that special day. Maybe you crossed days off the calendar as you couldn’t wait to start a new life together with your mate. (If you have older kids, you may want to talk about keeping yourself pure for that special day—just as they can stay pure and holy for Jesus’ return.)

Jesus has promised to come back and take all believers to be with Him in Heaven! (2 Peter 3:3-14). Even though we don’t know the exact day, we can look forward to going to Heaven to be with Him. Heaven will be great because God is there.

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