Splink 1:

Invisible, Yet Real

Write each of the following on a slip of paper (air; atoms; electricity; sound waves; feelings; angels; etc.). Ask family members to play 20 questions—except shorten it to 10 questions. Invite a volunteer to pick a slip of paper and the others will ask him/her questions, which can be answered with a yes or no. They get 10 tries to guess the invisible item.

One of the items on this list is angels. There were times in the Bible that angels appeared to people (Abraham, Jacob, Mary, Joseph, etc.), but they are not always visible to us. Invisible angels protected Elijah. Angels are God’s helpers to do His work.

Splink 2:

Always Protecting

As you are driving in the car, talk about seat belts and air bags. Why do we wear seat belts? How do air bags help protect us? It is good to have these in the car to help protect us.

Read Psalm 91:11 and Matthew 18:10.

What do these verses tell us about angels?

How does this make you feel knowing that angels are protecting you?

Angels assist God in caring for and protecting us.

Splink 3:

You’re an Angel!

Have you ever heard that statement? Humans can never become angels, but it is a way of expressing that you have done something kind. You helped me carry in the groceries; you’re an angel! You helped your brother with his homework; you’re an angel!

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