Splink 1:

Who Says?

Using a tape measure, ask your kids to measure certain items around the room (TV, shoe, refrigerator, book, dog, etc.). After measuring and announcing the length of several items, ask:

What might happen if each of you had a tape measure that had different lengths for an inch? Would you get the same amounts? (Show them how long an inch is on the tape measure.)

Since 1875, the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (an organization just outside of Paris) was created to establish standards for weights and measurements around the world. There has to be a standard that tells us what is right (in measurements, money, morality, etc.)

God is the standard for what is right and wrong. He created the world and says what is the truth.

Is there just ONE standard for what is true? (God is the truth for all people in all times. Deuteronomy 32:4)

God gives us the standard by which we measure everything we believe.

Splink 2:

Searching for Truth

Write the letters of the word, Bible, on small pieces of paper and hide them around the room (while the kids are not looking). Invite them to find the letters and spell a word that will give us the truth.

The Bible is not filled with man’s ideas or opinions, but with God’s thoughts and truth.

Read 2 Timothy 3:16. Find four things the Bible does for us.

  1. It is good for doctrine or teaching. Doctrine is a system of beliefs or teachings about a subject. God is the source of truth and the Bible gives us His truth about who God is, why we are here, the right way to live, and so many more things we need to know.
  1. It is good for reproof. To reprove means to show or expose. The Bible has the power to show us our sin and convince us that we are in the wrong.
  1. It is good for correction. The Bible doesn’t just point out where we’re wrong and leave us there. It also tells us how to get right with God, with others, and with ourselves. It helps restore us to the proper path of God’s ways.
  1. It instructs and trains us in righteousness. To instruct or train implies a process where over and over you learn how to do the right thing. The Bible teaches us how to love God and love others. The Bible teaches us how to live the right way.

The Bible is completely reliable and can be trusted. Millions of people have read and believed it throughout history. The Bible is the most sold book of all time. Every time we open and read it, we can learn truth.

Splink: 3

Shhh! Can you hear it?

Play a game to introduce the idea of listening to truth. Write one instruction for each family member on a slip of paper and put them in a basket or bag. Ideas for instructions:

  • Say a Bible verse.
  • Say a nursery rhyme (Mary Had a Little Lamb).
  • Say blah, blah, blah.
  • Say the Pledge of Allegiance.
  • Say the words to your favorite song.
  • Say “Watermelon, watermelon, watermelon.”
  • Tell a favorite kid’s story (The Three Bears).
  • Say your spelling words or any group of words. Etc.)

Choose one person to be the listener. Invite everyone else to choose a slip with an instruction, but not show it to anyone. At the signal to ‘go’ they are to repeat what is on their instruction slip over and over until you call time. Everyone should speak at the same time and as softly or as loudly as they like. The object of the game is for the listener to find the person who is quoting the Bible verse. When time is up, ask the listener to identify the one saying the Bible verse. If he guessed correctly, congratulate him as a good listener. Throw the slips back into the basket, choose a new listener, pick new slips, and repeat the game.

Talk about it:

What was your favorite part of this game?

Why was it so hard to hear the one saying the Bible verse? (There were so many talking; some were shouting; etc.)

What are some things you listen to in a day? (Parents; teachers; friends; music; TV; coaches; video games; reading materials; etc.)

We hear so many voices and it is sometimes difficult to tell which one is right. Everything we listen to influences us for good or bad. We want to listen to God’s truth in the Bible every day.

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