Shape Sorting

Items needed:

Paper and pencils, crayons, or markers

Children learn to recognize shapes very early in the process of development and understanding. Each shape has unique features that stand out and help distinguish it from others. Encourage family members to take turns describing the uniqueness of a shape for the others to draw. If your children are very young, provide examples of the shapes for them to identify as an alternative.

Ask questions about the shapes. (What is unique about a square that makes it different from a triangle?)

Read John 21:25.  John said there are so many amazing things to discuss about Jesus—things that make Him unique and special—that if they were all written down the world isn’t even big enough to contain all the books that would be needed to hold the amazing details.

We serve an amazing and unique God. That’s why it is so important for us to tell others about Him

How Do You Know?

Begin talking with your family about the wonderful meal you just enjoyed together, but describe something completely different from what you actually experienced. (Wasn’t that a wonderful picnic we just had on the island with all those flamingos walking around us?  I really loved that cotton candy soup we just ate. Did you like it?) You will not likely get far into your discussion before someone stops you and corrects your statements or expresses confusion. Have fun with it for a bit and ask How do you know that’s not what happened? Discuss the benefits of being an eyewitness to an event.

Read 1 Corinthians 15:1-19. How did eyewitnesses play a role in the point being made in these verses?

One of the ways Christianity is unique is that it is historical. There are many eyewitnesses and sources of proof that have been verified over the years. We can always trust that God’s Word is truth and nothing can change that.

Just the Facts

Encourage family members to share three statements with the group. Two of the three should be facts and one of them should be pretend. Depending on the age of your kids make them easy or hard to identify.

Daddy loves pizza.

Daddy used to live on the moon.

Daddy is wearing a red shirt.

Or  (Design—these could be side by side to save vertical room)

Daddy went to William Penn High School.

Daddy used to live in Oklahoma.

Daddy loves to play golf.

Facts are truths. Facts can be proven. There are many religions that claim to be true but Christianity is unique in that it is the only one to be historically verified and accurate. Only the Bible is completely the Word of God and inspired by Him.

Read 1 Peter 3:15. This is a great reminder for us to study and learn God’s Word so we can always be ready to tell others about this amazing God we live for and serve.

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