Splink 1:


Item Needed: Puzzle

Ask the kids to put together a puzzle, but hold back several pieces (without them knowing it). When they get to the end and realize that several pieces are missing, give them the other pieces.

Why was it hard to put the puzzle together? (Some of the pieces were missing.)

Some parts of life are like a puzzle. We see things happening that just don’t make sense. Sometimes people do WRONG things and it seems as if they get away with it. Sometimes people do the RIGHT thing and they have trouble.

 Even though we don’t understand why something is happening, we can still trust God. Just like Job, someday we will see God and there will be no pain or sadness in Heaven. Then the picture will be complete. Remembering this can give us hope when we don’t understand why something is happening.

Splink 2:

It’s Not Clear

Before leaving in the car, smear mud/dirt on the window making it hard to see through.

Is it hard to see out the window? Why? (It has dirt on it blocking the view.)

Clean off the windshield.

What happened when we cleaned the windshield? (We could see clearly; we could drive the car; etc.)

Paul wrote in the Bible that looking at life is like looking through a dirty glass (1 Corinthians 13:12). We cannot always see things clearly. We do not always know what God is doing. We may not understand why certain things happen.

God’s Word (the Bible) can clear away our confusion and make us clean (Ephesians 5:26). It shows us the right way to live and gives us power to do what is right. When we don’t understand why some things happen, we must remember the truth from the Bible so we can think and see clearly.

Splink 3:

Heart to Heart

Before prayer at bedtime, ask your child:
Are you going through a difficult situation?

Are you having a hard time doing the right thing?

Do you need God’s help?

Share with your kids about a hard time you had (a temptation that God helped you overcome, a trial where you felt distant from God, a time of need when you wondered if God was going to help you). Share what helped you get through it.
Pray for your child and then give him/her a big hug!

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