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Draw a simple target and take turns trying to hit the target with a child’s bow and arrow. (If you don’t have a bow and arrow set, ball up a sock and throw it at the target.)

This week students began studying Job. It certainly seemed as if Job had a target on his back and Satan (the devil) kept trying to throw bad things (arrows) at him. He couldn’t seem to get away from his attacks.

What were some of the bad things that happened to Job? (Loss of his animal, his servants, and his children; sickness; and more)

Satan is our enemy who wants to attack and destroy our faith in God.

Satan rebelled against and is fighting against God, but God has all power and is in control. Before creation, God had a plan. When Jesus died on the cross, He won the battle against sin and Satan. Some day Satan will be finally defeated and the battle will be over for good. Until then, he is attacking Christians and trying to get them to doubt God.

Get Ready…It’s Coming!

Tell or read the following story:

Carlos and his family went camping and as soon as the car stopped, Carlos jumped out and ran to the back of the van to grab his fishing poles.

“Hold on a minute, Carlos; we’ve got to put the tent up first,” his dad said.

“Ah, come on, Dad. Can’t we put the tent up later? I’ve been waiting to go fishing for weeks,” Carlos begged.

“We need to be prepared if a storm comes up.”

“A storm? Look at the sky, it’s sunny and bright,” Carlos added.

Carlos’ dad would not give in to his begging and they put the tent up as fast as they could. They pounded the stakes tightly into the ground and made sure everything was secure.

Finally, Carlos ran off to go fishing.

Later that evening, Carlos felt a drop of rain on his hand. Before they could gather everything inside the tent, it was pouring rain. As Carlos lay dry and warm in his sleeping bag, he was glad his dad made them put up the tent first. They were protected from the storm.


How can we be prepared for trouble when it comes? (We can know important truths about God and what He is like)

We can compare trouble to a storm. Jesus promised we would have trouble while living on earth (John 16:33). We may not always know when or what trouble is coming, but we can be ready by knowing important truths about God.

What are some important truths we need to know about God? Students are learning five important truths:

  • God can be trusted (Proverbs 3:5).
  • God will always love me (Romans 8:39).
  • God will never leave me (Hebrews 13:5b).
  • God is powerful (Jeremiah 32:17).
  • God will do what is best for me (Romans 8:28).

The more we know about our great God, the more we will trust Him.

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Who Can You Count On?

Get the kids involved in planning for Mother’s Day (May 8th). If you are a mom reading this, realize you are helping your kids learn respect when you teach them to honor you as their mom. If you are a dad, this is your moment to model how to love a woman! Plan a special meal, buy a gift, and make cards telling mom how special she is! Who do we all depend on when we can’t find our socks? That’s right…you can usually count on Mom when life falls apart!

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