Who Wins? or The Best Ending

As you read a story to your kids, start with the last page of the book.

Why would anyone read the last page of the book first? (So they can know what will happen)

Reading the last page (the ending) first and finding out that it has a good ending makes all the scary parts okay. Why?
(Because you know what will happen at the end)

Reading what happens at the end of the Bible makes all the bad parts okay, because God will be the ultimate winner in the end. God will create a new Heaven and a new earth. He will make things right and live with His people forever. Even though bad things happen here on earth, we know that God will make things right someday. We can look forward to an amazing ending!

It’s Not Fair!

Read the following scenarios and discuss the questions:

  • ..that you worked hard, did extra chores, and bought your own iPod. One day you took it to the neighborhood pool and someone stole it. You think you knew who did it, so you called the police, but they basically said, “We’re sorry; that’s too bad. We really can’t do anything about it.”
  • ..that you stayed up late finishing your homework. When you came to school, you found out that some of your friends didn’t even try to do it. Then your teacher announced, “I’m going to give everyone the same grade on today’s homework.”
  • ..that your baseball team is ahead by one point in the last inning. The other team is up to bat last. They have two guys on base. The batter hits the ball while the others run home. The second one is clearly “out” but the referee calls him “safe” and declares the other team as the winner. 

How would you feel if this happened to you?
What makes this seem wrong?
or What isn’t right about this?

What are some other unfair situations? (People treating others in a wrong way—bullying, stealing, cheating, etc., and receiving no punishment; people receiving worse treatment than others for no reason; etc.) 

It doesn’t seem right when we see people do wrong things and seem to get away with it. And it isn’t right! There are people who hurt and even kill others, but aren’t punished. They may even think they are getting away with it, but God will SOMEDAY punish them. Just because He is patient does not mean that He is going to overlook the evil that people do. God may punish now or He may punish later, but we can be certain that God will punish those who do wrong!

Let it Go

Talk to your child about any situation where they have been hurt by others unjustly.

Is there someone who has hurt or treated you unfairly?

What should we do to those who hurt us?

Read Romans 12:17-21.

 God has promised to judge the world and we don’t have to keep bad feelings toward those who act wrong and hurt us. We can release our hurt feelings to God.

Would you like to do this? (Ask child to open their hands as a sign that he/she is giving them over to God.)

This is a way of saying we will let God take care of them. We don’t need to hurt that person back, we don’t need to get even, we can forgive them, knowing that God has promised to repay them for the wrong they have done to us.

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