A Puppet?

Items Needed: items to make puppets

Make puppets and act out the story of Adam and Eve’s choice.

Some ideas:

  • use single socks, yarn, buttons, or draw facial features with markers
  • use wooden or plastic spoons (or other kitchen utensils) and draw facial features or cut out facial features from construction paper and glue them on

Read the story of Adam and Eve’s choice in Genesis 2:15-17; 3:1-13, 22-24 and let the kids act it out using the puppets they made.

Talk about it:

What did God tell Adam and Eve about the trees in the Garden of Eden? (They could eat from them all but one)

What did they choose? (To eat from the forbidden tree)

God gave Adam and Eve a free will to choose to obey Him. God did not make them puppets that did exactly what He said.

Did your puppet do what it wanted or did it do what you made it do? (It did what I decided it would do)

God did not force Adam and Eve to do exactly what He said, but He let them choose to obey or not. We are born with a free will to choose to obey God or not. When we see evil in the world, we know that some people chose to do what they wanted and did wrong things.

The Choice

Items Needed: two index cards for each child; pencil

Help each child write YES on one card and NO on the other. Help them to think about the choices they make. For one whole day, ask them to use the cards to answer when you ask them to do something—remembering that they are saying YES or NO to God.

God is in charge of the universe, but He gives each person a free will—each one can choose whether to say YES or NO to God.

Adam and Eve wanted their own way, instead of following God’s way.

God gives us a choice also. God is pleased when we say YES to His ways. Even though we have a choice, there are consequences when we choose the wrong way and say NO to God.


What were the consequences for Adam and Eve? (They had to leave the Garden of Eden; they would have to work hard to get the earth to make food; etc.)

What are some consequences if we say NO? (We will be punished; we will feel guilty; we may get hurt; etc.)

God knows what is right for us—it is always best to go His way!


Items Needed: measuring tape; masking tape to mark how far they jumped (optional)

Go outside and compete to see who can jump the longest.

Mark a starting point and measure 29 feet and 4 1/2 inches from it (current distance of world’s record). Allow the kids to take turns running and jumping to see how far they can jump. Allow them to stand in the spot where they landed or mark it with a piece of masking tape or stick.

When all have had a turn making a jump, point out the standard/the record—29 feet, 4 1/2 inches. Point out that some got closer than others, but all fell short of the mark. No one reached the standard.

God set a standard to get into Heaven—perfection. God is perfect and everything in Heaven is perfect. The very first people fell short of God’s standard and every person who ever lived (except Jesus) fell short of God’s standard of perfection.

Read Romans 3:23 to find out who has sinned. All have sinned and fall short! Just as every person falls short, every person sins and needs Jesus to go to heaven.

*****FYI—On August 30, 1991, Mike Powell of the United States, in a well-known show down against Carl Lewis, jumped 8.95 meters (29 feet, 4 1/2 inches) at the World Championships in Tokyo, setting the current men’s world record.

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