One of a Kind

Items Needed: stamp pad (or paint or even a marker)

Copy or construction paper

Markers or colored pencils

Read Psalm 139:14. God made you different from every other person and has a special purpose for you. No one is just like you. The Bible tells us we are wonderfully made. Every life made is valuable and made in the image of our amazing God. Do you know every person has a different fingerprint? Even identical twins do not have the same fingerprints.

Ask kids to make a picture by dipping their fingertip on the stamp pad (or in the paint) and then pressing it on the paper to make different animals or scenes (flowers, bees, caterpillars, etc.) Add details with a pencil or marker to complete the picture. Use some examples found online for creative inspiration.

Amazing Design

God demonstrated intentional and amazing design in creating you!

Put your hand on your heart. Did you place your hand on the left side of your chest? The heart is actually located almost in the center of the chest, between the lungs. It’s tipped slightly so that a part of it sticks out and taps against the left side of the chest, which is what makes it seem as though it is located there.

Feel your pulse by placing two fingers at pulse points on your neck or wrists. The pulse you feel is blood stopping and starting as it moves through your arteries. Take your pulse. (A kid’s resting pulse might range from 90 to 120 beats per minute. An adult’s slows to an average of 72 beats per minute.)

Your heart is about the size of a clenched fist and weighs less than a pound.

Your body has about 6 quarts of blood (show a quart sized container), which circulates through the body three times every minute. In one day, the blood travels a total of 12,000 miles—that’s four times the distance across the US from coast to coast.

The heart beats about 100,000 times each day and about 35 million times a year.

God made your body perfectly. Your heart beats – and keeps beating – even without you thinking about it!

Read Jeremiah 1:5.  God told Jeremiah that He knew all about him even before He shaped Jeremiah’s infant body in his mother’s womb. God is involved in the intricate details of our formation and has a plan for each life created. Encourage your family members to be reminded of that as they consider the facts learned about their hearts this week.

Baby, Baby

Get out the baby pictures – everybody LOVES baby pictures! Talk about the special day they were born. Pull out your own baby pictures. Compare them to see if you look alike. Just as your child probably looks like you, you were made in God’s image.

If your child is adopted, talk about other ways that they are like you and your extended family. (Jill is kind like Grandma. Seth works hard like Uncle Bill. Etc.)

Read Genesis 1:26. (Let us make man in our own image)


What does it mean that man is made in God’s image or likeness? (We have a soul, we can think – animals do things by instinct; we live forever, etc.)

If everyone is made in the image of God, how should that influence the way we treat others—even those with whom we don’t get along?  (Kids need to be taught and encouraged to treat others with kindness and respect even when they do not always reciprocate.)

We could never be as smart, as creative, as strong, or as loving as God, but God made man to be like Him. That means we have the ability to make daily choices that reflect God’s nature and point others to Him.

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