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Decisions, Decisions!

Play rock school to introduce the idea of making wise choices. Line up the kids on the steps or in a line on one side of the room (side by side) in “Kindergarten”. Kids will advance to higher “grades” in school by guessing in which hand the rock is hidden. Place both hands behind your back and switch up hiding the rock in different hands. Hold both closed hands in front of each child for them to guess which hand holds the ‘hidden’ rock. If they guess correctly, they may move forward one step to the next grade. The first one to ‘graduate’ (guess the correct hand 12 times) is the winner. (You may want to continue play letting the others “graduate” to keep everyone happy.)

How did you decide which hand held the rock?

Would it have been easier if you could have seen what was in each hand before you decided? (of course!)

Since we can’t always know what the end result will be, how can we make wise decisions? (think about a decision before you make it; ask God for help to know what to do; talk to parents; read the Bible to know how to live; etc.)

What is wisdom? (knowing and doing the right thing to get the best result)

This week’s lesson about Jehoshaphat shows us one way to get wisdom. When Jehoshaphat and his country were being attacked (and he didn’t know what to do), he immediately asked God for help. God is wise and can give us wisdom.

Read James 1:5 to find one way to get wisdom.

Obedience has a True Reward

Put a small reward (treat of food or candy) on one side of the room and line up kids on the opposite side. Share some actions and ask them to decide if it is wise or unwise choice. If they think it is a wise choice, they may take a step forward. If it is an unwise one, they must take a step back. (Make sure you read more wise choices so they can reach the reward.)

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Read your Bible every day.
  • Be patient with a younger sibling.
  • Listen to Mom or Dad.
  • Ignore the Bible’s instructions.
  • Talk to God when you need help.
  • Think you are smarter than everyone else.
  • Sneak around and watch a forbidden TV program.
  • Say no when others want you to do something wrong.
  • THINK before you decide what to do.
  • Ask God for wisdom.

When they reach the reward on the other side of the room, share it and talk about making wise choices.
God gave us the Bible to help us know how to live wisely. We must read and obey it to become wiser. God rewards those who obey His commands. We will become wiser if we know the right thing and choose to do it.

Making Good Choices

Review the Bible verse, Psalm 119:35 students are learning. (This could be a prayer to pray with your kids at the beginning of each day to help them make wise choices. You may want to paraphrase a part of it for younger ones. “Help me to obey your rules. Then I will be happy.”)

Every time your kids make a wise choice, reinforce it with a smiley face sticker (depending on the age of your kids). If they are too old for stickers, a big smile and a simple word of praise can encourage them to make good choices.

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