Follow the Star

Draw and cut out lots of stars from construction paper. (Let kids help.) Buy a crown (Dollar Store has them or ask for a free one at Burger King).

Send everyone outside or to the garage while you hide the crown. Then lay the stars throughout the house in a path that eventually leads to the hidden crown. Invite the kids back in to follow the stars to find the crown. Dub him the “king” and let him hide the crown and make a path for the others to follow. (Of course, all may want a turn at hiding the crown and laying out the stars.)

The wise men followed the star to Jesus and worshipped Him. Even though He was still a baby, they realized that He was God’s Son and gave Him gifts.

How did the wise men find Jesus? (Followed the star)

What gifts did they give Jesus? Look in Matthew 2:11 if you need help.

Why is Jesus called a king? (He is in charge of the world; He is the KING above all the kings on the earth.)

Copied from The D6 Family Advent Guide (Randall House Publishing, 2018).

Celebrate His Birth!

Enlist family members (grandparents and extended family, too) and act out the Christmas story (Luke 2:1-20) as you read it aloud. (Mary, Joseph, innkeeper, shepherds, angels, donkeys, etc. The story of the wise men arriving later is in Matthew 2:1-11.) Video this performance and show it later—they will ask to watch it over and over!

Find Wisdom

Gather everyone to play a hide and seek game. Grab the small figure of Jesus in the manger from the crèche (or a picture of Him or even an index card with the word “Jesus” written on it). Choose a “hider” and a “seeker.” The seeker goes out of the room (so she can’t see) while the “hider” hides baby Jesus somewhere in the room. Call the “seeker” back in.

Sing (or hum) Christmas songs while the “seeker” looks for baby Jesus—sing softly when she is far away and LOUDLY when she get close to the spot. When baby Jesus is found, clap and choose two more to be the “hider” and “seeker.” Continue until all have had a chance to be both “hider” and “seeker.”

Finding and following Jesus is the wise thing to do!

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