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Lean On Me

Ask each family member to find a partner and sit on the floor with his/her back to one another. (Partners with similar height work best.) Instruct each pair to link arms and stand up without unlinking arms. (Partners will have to lean on one another in order to do this.)

Talk about it:

How did you help each other so you could both stand up? (We had to lean against one another; we had to push against the other; etc.)

How can we support one another? (Help each other, be a friend, listen, pray for, say kind words, etc.)

We can support each other with love and treat each other in a kind way just like we want to be treated!

Merciful God

Students are learning Micah 6:8 to know more about what God expects from us.

Read the verse together. (Go to to find the version your child uses in class.)

What three things does this tell us God wants us to do? (He wants us to act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly.)

Write each of the three things on an index card or piece of paper. Scramble the cards (or papers) and see how quickly the children can put them in the correct order. Do this several times and say the verse together after they are placed in the correct order.

God wants us to act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with Him!

Proud as a Peacock

Have you ever heard the phrase “proud as a peacock”?

Why do you think a peacock would be proud?

Here are some interesting facts about peacocks:

A peacock (male-peacock, females-peahens, and young-peachicks) is known for its beautiful, bright blue and green, iridescent tail.

An adult peacock’s train of feathers can be sixty inches long with a wingspan of up to six feet.

Peacocks have a crest or crown on the top of their heads that gives them a royal appearance.

Some think the peacock fans out his feathers and dances to get the peahens to notice him.

Sometimes a good way to understand something is to look at its opposite. Being prideful is the opposite of being humble. Pride is thinking about myself all the time—my way, my rights, my needs, my, my, my! Humility is putting others first and treating them as we want to be treated.

What does pride look like in people? (Wanting to be first; wanting to be noticed; wanting your way; thinking you are better than others; etc.)

What does humility look like in people? (Working together; caring about others; serving others; thinking about others more than about yourself, etc.)

God’s Word tells us to love others as we love ourselves (Matthew 22:39). Loving others well means we treat them like we want to be treated. We must be humble, put away our pride, and focus on others more than our way, our rights, and our needs.