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Can You Hear Me?

Plan a family night after dinner one night this week. Tell your children that they will get to run an obstacle course. Instruct them to listen very carefully, because you are only going to whisper. Emphasize that they will be able to hear your instructions better if they are quiet. Set up the obstacle course, blindfold a child, and then have them listen for you to guide them through the course. Remind them that the key is for them to be still and listen because you are only going to whisper. The other children waiting for their turn must also be quiet so that the player can hear the directions. Discuss the activity and remind your children that we must be quiet in order to hear direction from the Lord. Close your time in prayer together asking God to help you be still and listen to His voice above all the other noises the world offers.

Use Your Wisdom

Items Needed: Notecards, pen, paper

Write down several situations on the notecards. Be sure to include situations that show wise choices and reverence to God and situations that show unwise choices and a lack of reverence. Remind your child that reverence is a feeling of great respect and honor for God.

Wise Examples: listening to a Bible story, talking to God in prayer, walking in church instead of running, sitting quietly in church, being gentle with your Bible

Unwise Examples: talking when others are reading the Bible, running inside church, leaving paper on the floor or chairs in church, not wanting to pray

Cut out 2 paper people and label them: Wise and Unwise. Read the cards together and place them on the correct paper person.

Daniel honored and respected God. We must follow his example and show reverence to God as well. Take turns sharing some real life situations where you were wise and unwise. Close your time together in prayer.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Spend some time acting out different scenarios that show both God-honoring and unwise responses to a variety of situations. You might want to use the suggestions below and make up a few of your own as well. Enjoy this time with your children encouraging them to laugh and have fun with this multiple-choice game.


You are about to sneeze, so you:
a. look for someone to sneeze on.
b. cover your mouth and nose with your elbow.
c. turn your head away from people and let the sneeze out as loud as possible.

Friends are visiting for dinner, and you notice your mom has a big piece of food stuck in her teeth, so you:
a. point at it and laugh as loud as you can.
b. ask if anyone can tell which of your mom’s teeth is not like the other.
c. quietly whisper in your mom’s ear that she should check her teeth in a mirror.

You might want to allow the children to come up with a few ideas of their own. Discuss with your children how every situation has an appropriate, respectful response. Remind them that sometimes the right response is not always the easy response. We have to practice reverence daily to become reverent.