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Baptism Example

This week’s lesson was about Jesus’ baptism. Share a simple object lesson and then talk about your own baptism. (How old were you? What did it mean to you? Show them your baptismal certificate or a picture of your baptism, if available.)

Hold up a wedding ring and ask:

What does it mean if someone wears a wedding ring? (That he/she is married.)

When people see it, they know that the person wearing it has a husband or wife.

Take the ring off and ask:

Would a person still be married even though they are not wearing the ring? Yes, the ring is only a symbol that shows other people that he/she is married. A person is married when he/she makes a promise and says, “I do” or “I take you to be my wedded husband/wife.”

This is similar to what happens with baptism. Baptism is a symbol that shows others you are saved. It tells others you believe Jesus died for your sins, He was buried, and He came alive on the third day. It tells them you said, “I do” want Jesus to come into my heart and take my sins away. You are saved when you believe and ask Jesus into your heart. Baptism does not save you, but it just shows on the outside what has happened on the inside. It shows others you have chosen to follow Jesus and you are not ashamed of Him.


Give each family member a piece of paper and have him or her write down a thought or lie that they’ve heard or something that comes into their minds about sin. (It’s okay to sin; Sin is not that bad. Stealing a pack of gum is a little thing. Telling a little white lie is okay. Everybody disobeys his or her parents sometimes.)

Wrong thoughts like these are ways the devil tempts us to sin. The devil wants us to sin. Wad up these lies into a ball.

Choose one person to be “It” and have him stand on one side of a line while the others stand on the other side. At the count of three, throw the paper balls at him.


How did you feel with all those paper balls coming at you at once?

How do you feel when there are so many temptations to do wrong things?

Give him a trash can lid (or storage bin lid or lid to a big box) for a shield. At the count of three, pick up the paper balls and throw them at him again.


How did you feel having a shield? (Protected; able to ward off the attack; etc.)

Read Ephesians 6:13-16.

God’s Word is like a shield to protect us from the lies we may hear or think. When Jesus was tempted by the devil, He quoted God’s Word back to the devil each time. Knowing God’s Word helps us recognize the lies and say no to temptation and sin.

Follow His Example

Items Needed: green construction paper, tape, stapler

Make a paper chain tree to record (and encourage) good deeds. Cut green construction paper into one-inch strips (lengthwise). Use these to make a paper chain tree. Announce that every time someone does a good deed for someone else until Christmas, it should be written on a slip of paper and attached to the tree. (Tape or thumbtack one ring to the back of the door or another spot to get it started.) When you see your kids being helpful, saying kind words, etc., write it on a strip of paper and add it to the “tree.” (Add a bow or star at the top if you like.)

Jesus is our example! He willingly came to earth to do God’s will. He helped others, He fed people, He listened, He paid attention to small children, He gave, He prayed, He loved, and more. We can follow His example.