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Celebrate His Birth!

Act out Gabriel’s visits to Mary and Joseph as a family as you read about it out loud from the Bible (Luke 1:26-38; Matthew 1:18-25). You might want to video this performance and watch it throughout the Christmas season. Chances are your child will ask to watch it over and over!

Always look for Jesus!

Items Needed: Figure or picture of Jesus in the manger

Gather everyone to play a game of Hide and Seek. Choose a “hider” and a “seeker.” The seeker goes out of the room (so he/she can’t see) while the “hider” hides baby Jesus somewhere in the room. Call the “seeker” back in.

Sing (or hum) Christmas songs while the “seeker” looks for baby Jesus—sing softly when he/she is far away and LOUDLY when he/she get close to the spot. When baby Jesus is found, clap and choose two more to be the “hider” and “seeker.” Continue until everyone has had a chance to be both “hider” and “seeker.”

Finding and following Jesus is the wise thing to do!

Party Time!

Host a birthday party for Jesus. Involve the whole family—plan games, make a birthday cake or cupcakes with candles, sing “Happy Birthday” and celebrate Jesus’ birth into the world.

Party game idea:

Play Christmas stocking relay. Hang two Christmas stockings on one side of the room and put a bowl of small wrapped candies on the opposite side. Divide into two teams and line up behind a designated spot. Give the first person on each team a spoon. At the signal to go, see which team can empty their bowl (carrying pieces in their spoon to their stocking) and fill their stocking with candy. Divide candy between team members and enjoy.