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As Sure as the Stars

Stay up late, go outside, put a blanket on the ground, look up, and count the stars.

God made a promise to Abraham that his descendants (children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren, etc.) would be as many as the stars in the sky (Genesis 15:5).

How many stars can you see with just your eyes? (Away from city lights, you may be able to count over 2000 stars)

God promised Abraham that—

He would make him a great nation.

He would bless him and make his name great.

He would bless those who blessed Abraham and curse those who cursed him.

He would bless all the families of earth through Abraham.

God always keeps His promises! The God who made the stars has the power to do what He says. God can be trusted! God will be with us and protect us!

Verse Toss

Read and then review the Bible verse (Titus 1:2) your child is learning.

What does this verse tell us about God? (He does not lie; He keeps His promises; He shows promised the hope of eternal life; etc.)

God loves us and wants us to trust Him. As we learn more about Him from the Bible, we will want to spend time with Him and trust Him more.

Write the verse on a piece of poster board (or any size paper will work) and post it so all can see it. Gather everyone in a circle and toss a bean bag (or small stuffed animal) to someone who will say the first word of the verse. He or she will toss it to someone else who will say the next word. Continue tossing and saying the words until the whole verse (and reference) has been said. Say the verse together to end the activity.

Have a seat!

Item Needed: Chair (very sturdy)

Do a simple illustration to help your child understand what it means to completely believe in God.

Sit in the chair and say: I sat in this chair and it held me up. Do you believe this chair will hold you up too? If you have faith that the chair will hold you up, sit in it.

Allow time for your child to sit in the chair and ask the following questions:

Why did you have faith that the chair would hold you up?

What is faith?

Faith is a confidence in something that you haven’t experienced yet. You had confidence in the chair because it had been tested. Faith in God is trusting in Him, believing He is real and that He will do what He says.

Abraham believed in God and the blessings God promised him, and God kept every promise!