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Lights, Camera, Action!

Act out the story of the prodigal son. Choose parts (father, son, friends, pigs, servant—find a part for each family member) for the characters in the story. Read the story aloud from Luke 15:11-24 and the actors will do what is happening in the story.

When the prodigal son realized he had sinned and repented, the father welcomed him back home. The father in this story represents our loving heavenly Father who welcomes us home when we turn away from our sin.

Lost Sheep

Pretend to be shepherds and look for sheep. Gather all the stuffed animals (pretend they are all sheep). Then when the kids aren’t looking hide the “sheep.” (Difficulty level depending on the ages of your kids.) Then let the kids find the sheep (making sure one is just a little harder to find).

Read Luke 15:3-7.

The name of God for this week is God the Shepherd. God uses different pictures to help us understand just how much He really cares about us. Just as a good shepherd knows and cares for each sheep, God knows and cares about us.

Coin Hunt

Hide a real or paper coin in a room in the house. Read Luke 15:8-10 out loud, and then spend some time hunting for the lost coin. When the coin is found, celebrate with a special treat (cookies, ice cream, etc.).

Explain to your child that just like the woman rejoiced and told her neighbors when she found her coin, Jesus rejoices when one person chooses to love Him and live for Him.