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When Jesus appeared to three of His disciples on the Mount of Transfiguration, they were allowed to see His glory. Jesus was not just a man, but He was the Son of God. God spoke to them, told them He was pleased with His Son, and instructed them to listen to Him (Matthew 17:5).

Instruct one family member to make a noise to try and drown out your voice as you read Matthew 17:5. Continue adding more family members (one at a time) and his or her noise as you read the verse again. Obviously the “noise” gets louder and louder and drowns out God’s words.

After a few times, ask, What are some things that keep us from listening to God’s words found in the Bible?

When we listen (and obey), we are pleasing God.

Food for Thought

Items Needed: Ice cream, soft drink (Coke), glasses, spoons

Read Matthew 17:1-5 to your children. Take a few minutes to discuss what happened to Jesus. Introduce the children to the word transfiguration and explain that transfiguration is a complete change of appearance into a more beautiful or spiritual form.

Fill each glass with three scoops of ice cream to remind the children of Jesus, Moses, and Elijah. Pour the soft drink over the ice cream and instruct the children to watch the froth grow. This can remind them of the cloud in verse 5.

Enjoy the treat and answer any questions your children might have.

Hide It In Your Heart!

Memorize Hebrews 12:2 together as a family. Talk about what the verse means. Give each child a large piece of paper to write the verse on. (You might need to help younger children with this step.) Spend time decorating the verses with paints, markers, stickers, etc.