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Play Copycat to talk about following an example. Pick one person to be the model and all the others will be the copycats. The model will perform simple actions (lift an arm, raise a leg, pat stomach, touch toes, etc.) and the copycats must see how quickly and precisely they can follow their example. Take turns choosing a new model until everyone has had a turn.

Was it hard or easy to follow the model’s example?

Jesus is our model on how to live. Read John 13:4-9. Jesus modeled serving in this week’s lesson by washing His disciples’ feet.

In those times, washing feet was the job of a servant. Jesus did not think He was too important to wash feet. Jesus was humble and willing to serve others –even if it meant doing a dirty job.

Secret Server

Ask each family member to write his or her name on a slip of paper and put it in a basket. Then ask each one to draw a name, but not tell anyone. If anyone picks his or her own name, they should put it back and draw another one.

Announce that for a whole day, they must find as many ways as possible to serve that person without letting them know. You might want to share a few ideas privately with each one (make their bed, add a nice note to their lunch, leave a snack or small gift on their pillow, do their chore, etc.). Since everyone is serving, it should be hard to guess who their secret server is.

At bedtime, ask each one to guess who their secret server might be.

Jesus gladly served others. Jesus said that if we serve others, we will be blessed (John 13:17).

May I Help You?

Brainstorm a few ways to serve others this week.

Some ideas to get you started:

  • Make and take a meal for someone who is sick or who has a new baby.
  • Gather and fill a small basket of goodies for someone.
  • Make cards or draw pictures and mail or deliver them to a nursing home.
  • Invite children over and give another set of parents a night out.
  • Plant flowers at your church (with permission and instruction).
  • Call someone who has missed church and say, “We miss you.”
  • Pray for someone.

Choose one and do it together as a family.