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Spend some time working on a puzzle as a family. Be sure to choose a puzzle that isn’t too easy, is a little challenging, but not impossible. As you work to put the puzzle together, talk about what makes puzzles hard and confusing. Be sure to encourage and help each other as you work to complete the puzzle.

Sometimes we face hard decisions. Sometimes life is confusing, and we don’t know what to do. We must depend on God. He is wise, and He promises to help us and guide us.

In a time when the Israelites were not following God, God chose a woman named Deborah to lead them. Deborah was a judge who loved God and wanted to trust Him and obey Him too. Let’s try to depend on God just like Deborah. When life feels confusing or we have a hard decision, spend time praying and reading God’s Word. He will help you find the answers you need.

Hard Decisions

During dinner one night, talk to your child about a hard decision you had to make. Talk to them about how you searched for the answer to your problem. Who did you ask for advice? Did you pray about it? Did you look for the answer by reading your Bible? What mistakes did you make? See if your child might have an example of a hard decision to share as well.

Read Nehemiah 9:17b together and discuss the attributes of God and how those attributes can help us depend on God. Remind your child that God will never fail us (Joshua 21:45). Encourage them to work on practicing the attributes of God!

Follow the Leader

Pair up family members (or friends who are visiting) and appoint one as the leader and the other as the follower. Ask them to stand facing one another and the follower must see how quickly he can do exactly what the leader does (make a face, raise an arm, lift a leg, make a noise, run in place, etc.). After a minute or so, swap roles.

Did you like being the leader or the follower?

What did the follower have to do so he could follow the leader? (He had to watch; he had to pay attention; he had to actually do it; etc.)

God gave His people, the Israelites, leaders to help them follow and obey God. If we are followers of God, then we need to be more like Jesus. Jesus is the best leader we will ever have!