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Fear Not!

Spend some time talking to your child about things you were afraid of when you were younger and things you are afraid of as an adult. Allow them to share their fears with you also. You might want to talk about some common phobias as well (claustrophobia, arachnophobia, fear of heights, fear of snakes, etc.).

Remind your child of the repeated command in the Bible to Fear Not. When we are afraid, we need to pray and remind ourselves of God’s promise to never leave us.

Gideon was afraid to lead God’s people into battle, but God knew with His help, Gideon could be a mighty warrior. Gideon struggled with his fears, but he obeyed God and followed God’s plan with great courage. Remind your child that having courage means we do what we need to do even though we are afraid.

Pray with your child asking God to give them victory over their fears.

Rock Solid

Find three rocks and write each of the following truths on one. Decorate the rocks if you like.

  • God is with me!
  • God has a plan for me!
  • God will help me!

Talk about what each statement means – at dinner or maybe choose one and talk about it at bedtime.

1: God is with me! (Read Psalm 27:1.)

How would you feel if you were walking late at night and met up with some robbers? (afraid)

How would you feel if you were walking late at night and met up with some robbers, but you were surrounded by 10 strong policemen? (not afraid)

What’s the difference? (who is with you)

We can be brave because God is with us! He has promised to never leave us. (Hebrews 13:5b)

2: God has a plan for me! (Read Psalm 32:8.)

The psalmist could not even imagine what it would be like if God did not guide him. God knew each of us when we were formed in our mother, and He has a plan for each of us. God is writing our stories.

3: God will help me! (Read Psalm 121:1,2)

Where did this writer, probably David, say his help came from? (from the Lord, from the creator, etc.)

David knew that he could call out to God for help no matter where he was and he could count on God to help him. It pleases God when we rely on Him for help. We can cry out to God for help. It does not have to be a long prayer, it can simply be one word to Him, “Help”! God promises that He will help us.

These three BIG truths can give us courage!

See What God Did!

Gather art supplies and invite family members to think of a time when they were afraid and God helped them. Instruct everyone to draw a picture of the situation they thought of. If they can’t think of something, ask the following questions:

When did you feel afraid?

When has God given you courage?

When did God answer a prayer?

Did God send someone to comfort you when you were afraid?

Is there a Bible verse that helps you when you are afraid?

Post the pictures as testimonies of God’s work in your family.