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Play choices. Stand in the middle of the room and tell the children you will give them two choices. They will go and stand on the side of the room to indicate their choices.

(If you like , go the left side, pointing to the left. If you like _, go the right side, pointing to the right.)

Some choices to get you started:

  • pepperoni or cheese pizza
  • chocolate or vanilla ice cream
  • playing video games or board games
  • riding your bike or cleaning your room
  • vacation at beach or the mountains
  • inging or drawing
  • math or history

Some choices in life don’t really matter—like if you eat chocolate or vanilla ice cream. But many choices DO matter. Just like Samson made both good and bad choices in his life, we make good and bad choices too. We need God’s help to make good choices.

Keep Jumping…

Items Needed:

  • sidewalk chalk
  • Bible

Students are learning a Bible verse on some of the qualities of God, Nehemiah 9:17b.

Read the verse together. Go outside and draw a grid on the sidewalk or driveway (a tic-tac-toe grid would be perfect). Then assign kids different words to write in the different squares. (They will need to write more than one word in each grid to complete the entire verse or you can choose one phrase. Be sure to scramble the words so the children will have to jump around from one word to the next.)

Take turns jumping the verse. The “jumper” should start on the first word(s) of the verse, jump to the next word(s), and continu jumping until he has completed the verse. (Onlookers can say the words as the “jumper” jumps on them.)

What does this verse tell us about God? (He is forgiving, gracious, compassionate, slow to anger, and loving.)

As we study the Bible every day, we will learn more about God and how His ways are best.

Would You Rather?

Play a game called Would You Rather? with your children. Ask the following questions or make up some of your own.

Would you rather have a giraffe or an alligator as a pet?

Would you rather live without donuts or chocolate?

Would you rather eat dog food or dirt?

Would you rather be turned into a fish or a cat?

Would you rather climb a mountain or go snorkeling?

Would you rather be a news reporter or a movie star?

Would you rather meet ______ or ______ (name two famous people)?

Would you rather play professional baseball or football?

Some of these were silly choices, but the point was to remind us that we make choices every day. Some choices are easy to make, but some are harder. We don’t always make good choices. Unfortunately, we all make some wrong choices in our lives. Even Samson, one of God’s judges, made lots of wrong choices, but God continued to love and help him.