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No One’s Looking

Bake a batch of cookies (or another treat), count them and put them on a plate on the kitchen counter. Add a sign that says, “DO NOT EAT!” Then leave the room.

After a couple of hours, count the cookies to see if any are missing. Call everyone together and talk about it:

If cookies are missing, announce that this was a test and you know that someone failed it.

What was the temptation? (to eat the cookies when no one was looking)

Is it wrong to be tempted? (no, we are all tempted to do wrong things every day)

When is it wrong? (when we “eat the cookie” or do whatever we are not supposed to do)

Someone has said that integrity is doing what’s right even when no one is looking.

Why is it hard to be a person of integrity? (we want the cookie; we want to do what we want; we think we won’t get caught; etc.)

Even when it is hard, we can have integrity…even when no one is looking.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Spend some time playing charades with your children after dinner. Provide scenarios to act out. Some should show integrity, and some should not.

After the scenarios are acted out and guessed, discuss the situation and if it showed integrity or not. Discuss what makes integrity hard and why we should walk in integrity.

As we study the Bible every day, we will learn more about God and how His ways are best. We must do our best to walk in integrity, doing the right thing even when no one is looking.

Write a letter!

Spend some time writing letters after dinner one night. Explain to your child that they should choose a person who is a good example of integrity. Spend some time writing a letter thanking that person for their example. If you have younger children, you can allow them to draw a picture and dictate what they would like to say.


Grandparents, teachers, missionaries, veterans, etc.