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Can You Believe It?

Spend some time sharing some unbelievable facts about a variety of animals.

Possible examples:

A snail can sleep for three years at time.

Octopuses have three hearts.

There are a million ants for every one human.

A bat can eat 1,000 insects per hour.

Chipmunks and squirrels see in slow motion.

Polar bears have black skin and see-through fur.

Sea otters hold hands when they sleep, so they don’t drift apart.

Sometimes the truth is hard to believe. But we can trust God’s truth and walk in it. Remind your child of how Paul and Timothy encouraged the people to know and follow God’s truths. Encourage your child to know the Truths of God and to walk in those truths.

Pray with your child asking God to help them walk in truth.

The Standard

Send the kids outside to find a straight stick. When they return, hold their sticks (one by one) beside a ruler.

Is this stick crooked? How do you know?

Do this with several other sticks – some very crooked and some that look almost straight. Hold each one alongside the ruler – the standard.

Some sticks are more crooked than others. Sometimes it may be hard to tell a stick is crooked until you hold it up next to something that is perfectly straight.

Just as a ruler is a standard for a straight line, is there a standard for what is right and wrong? If so, what is it? (God, the Bible, Jesus)

The Bible is God’s truth and it is like the straight ruler. Lies we might hear are like crooked sticks. We must compare what we hear or read to what the Bible says. For example: We may hear the statement that man evolved. Is that true or is that a lie? Compare it to what the Bible says, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1)

We can count on God and His Word to always be true!

Storing Away God’s Truth

Read 1Timothy 6:12a aloud and ask some questions:

What does the verse tell us to do? (fight the good fight of faith; take hold of eternal life)

Does this mean we go around beating up people? How can we “fight” the good fight of faith? (No to beating up people! We are to stand up for truth; we can pray and tell and give; just as a soldier prepares for a physical battle, we can prepare for a spiritual battle; we can know what is true and share it with others; etc.)

How can we know what is true? (The Bible is God’s truth to us.)

Invite all family members to stand in a circle. Pass a small Bible from one person to the next with each one saying the next word in the Bible verse. The last one holding the Bible can receive a small treat. (Alternate who starts it so everyone will have a turn to get a treat.)

We find truth in God’s Word!