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Too Many

If weather permits, go outside and tell the kids that you are going to give them commands of things to do. They are to listen carefully and do whatever you tell them.

Give a command, but just as the kids start doing it, change your command. For example: say, ‘Run to the tree’; just as they are half way there, say, ‘Run to the car’. When they are half way to the car, say ‘Run to the porch’ or whatever is a different direction.


• Hop on one foot to the ; hop backwards to the .

• Do ten jumping jacks; do five stretches; do six sit-ups.

• Walk slowly to the door; walk quickly to the bush.

(Be sure not to let them complete the first part before you switch commands.)

Why did you have such a hard time completing the commands I gave you? (we didn’t get finished before you gave us another one, we were trying to do too many things at the same time, etc.)

It is hard to be devoted to one task when you have another that is screaming to be done. Your attention is divided. Instead of giving God our full attention and doing what He asks, we can be distracted by other (even good) things. Having a heart for God means putting Him first.

What Do You Love?

Give each family member a bag (or pillowcase) and ask them to bring back their most treasured possession (keeping it hidden).

Take turns letting family members guess each other’s valued possession. Clues can be given, if needed.

How do you treat your treasured object? (with special care, keeping it in a safe place, etc.)

How might you treat an old piece of trash or junk? (not with care, not thinking about what happens to it, etc.)

The more we love an object, the more devoted we are to it. The more we learn about God, the more we will love and treat Him in a respectful way.

Pleasing God

Review the Bible verse, Psalm 105:4, students are learning. (Go to to download a copy of the verse in the Bible translation your child uses at church.)

Ask kids to think up and use signs for the words of the verse (you can point to eyes for “look,” flex muscles for the “strength,” etc.)

What was David’s prayer? (that the Lord would give Him strength)

God hears our prayers, and He helps us. God gave David strength and courage.

David wanted to please God not only with his words, but also his thoughts. Right thoughts about God will draw us to love Him which will result in right words and actions. Wrong thoughts will lead us away from loving God.