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Follow Good Examples

Teach your child a skill you know, but they might not yet know.

Some ideas—How to:

• Stand on your head

• Eat an Oreo the correct way

• Sew on a button

• Dribble a basketball

• Catch a fish

• Play a new game (one you learned as a kid)

Why is it good for someone to teach you? (He knows the best way to do it; he can show you when you don’t know what to do; he has done it before and is more experienced; etc.)

How can we know how to live a godly life? (Read the Bible; follow Jesus’ example; follow other’s example; etc.)

We can all learn something about how to love God from other believers.

Don’t Keep It to Yourself

Unwrap a treat (candy bar, cookie, whatever would appeal to your kids) and start eating in front of your kids (preferably when they are hungry). When they start begging/whining/grabbing for your treat, gladly pull out more and share with everyone.

As you are enjoying the treat, talk about it:

Why did you want a treat? (We saw you eating it; we were hungry; etc.)

What was my attitude about sharing the treat? (You were willing; you were glad to share; etc.)

How could this relate to us having and sharing the good news about God? (We know about God and should tell others who don’t know; we should be happy to give the good news to others; etc.)

God wants every generation to know Him and what He has done. Don’t keep it to yourself!

How to Pass on Faith

In Deuteronomy 6, God basically gives the vision to parents to be regularly and casually giving their children testimony of what God is doing and has done in their lives—not talking them into believing in God’s existence, but showing them evidence of His existence with their lives and words.

This, more than anything else, is the purpose of the family, and it’s intended to work from generation to generation—children becoming parents becoming grandparents and with each new generation adding more people to observe the living, active work of God in the lives of the people who have the most amount of influence in their lives. So, the best way to pass faith on is to live it and spend enough time with your family for them to see God at work in you. (From Explorers Teaching Guide)